Commons Report 2023

This past year has been one of maintenance.  As mentioned in last year’s report, bids were requested to raise the canopies of trees in the commons.  ARK Tree Service was awarded the bid and work was completed through the winter and early spring.  Because of this, minimal spring cleanup was needed and what was picked up was removed by ARK.  The drought has resulted in many trees dying throughout the city.  Our commons has at least one dead Crabapple, a large Willow branch, and some branches that were downed by our recent winds that will need to be removed.


Another maintenance item was the replacement of the compressor for the aerator in the North pond.  It quit working in late fall of 2022 and was replaced this spring.  


One6 Lawn Service (mowing, fertilization & weed control) and Nebraska Lake Management (pond maintenance) are providing services again.  This spring, both companies started the 2nd year of 3-year contracts at the same price as their previous contract with Edenton North.  An unfortunate first for our neighborhood – while the One6 crew was mowing, someone stole two cans of gas and a backpack leaf blower.


Several THANK YOU’S – to Kent Lovelace, Charles Williams, Detlef Gartzke, Jim Stepanich, David Buchholz, Deb Buchholz and Joe Shandera who are members of the Commons Committee;  to Vickie Stepanich for coordinating and advertising the annual garage sales; and, to all homeowners who help in any way to keep the commons free of debris, trash, tree limbs, trim trees, etc.  EVERYONE WORKING TOGETHER HELPS KEEP OUR NEIGHBORHOOD BEAUTIFUL!