Commons Report 2015

Posted on July 16, 2015 by Joe and Linda

The monsoons of this spring were an excellent test for the Edenton North drainage way and commons area.  All parts passed with flying colors.  This is a tribute to the foresight and leadership of board members and commons committee members from our inception in 2004 to the present.   It is also a tribute to all of the homeowners that have contributed their time and effort to keeping the drainage way and commons free of debris, trash, etc.  YOUR EFFORTS ARE APPRECIATED!!

1.  The commons area and ponds are still being cared for by the same companies. There has been no increase in fees.

2.  The motor for the fountain in the North Pond quit working near the end of last summer and had to be replaced.

3.  Shortly after one of our earlier storms this spring, it was noticed that the aerator in the North Pond was not operating.  Rob Hofpar, from NE Lake Management, looked at the unit and  determined that both the compressor and cooling fan motor were in need of replacement.  He could not tell if lightning, some type of electrical surge or age (installed in 2005-2006) was the cause.  Money to replace these items is included in the 2015-2016 budget.  Also, some service work had to be done on the start capacitor switch on the aerator in the South Pond earlier in the spring.

4.  We were successful in obtaining a NRD Tree Grant for 11 trees.  These were planted last fall and are doing well. The Commons Committee would also like to recognize those property owners who have donated and planted a tree(s) in the Commons and would encourage others to consider such a donation.  Only requirement – check with a Commons Committee member before planting.

5.  Last fall, Aim High Tree Service went through the entire commons removing dead branches and raising the canopy on many trees.  This resulted in better access for mowing as well as fewer branches lying in the Commons this spring.  Again, a SPECIAL THANKSto all the homeowners that assist in picking up tree limbs after storms.

6.  A new issue that we have begun work on is the culvert in our Commons behind 4941 and 5001 S. 75th.  Street water from drains in the area of 75th & Sumac comes into our commons at this point.  A neighbor noticed that water was standing in the culvert.  Part of the issue is that sand, gravel and dirt washes off the street and has accumulated below the culvert not allowing water to freely move away from the culvert.  We have been in contact with the city as well as Stoll Grading in an attempt to resolve this issue.

7.  Another issue that we will start working on is the wetlands area at the north end of the north pond.  A pile of brush washed up from Antelope Creek that the homeowner had removed.  Also, the vegetation has grown out of control due to all the rains.  We are in contact with our mowing company to get a price to trim up the area.

8.  One of the requirements of a NRD Tree Grant is to maintain the trees for a minimum of 3 years after planting.  The grant provides $5 per tree for this.  Money for this purpose has been placed in the 2015-2016 budget.

9.  New neighborhood website:  This looks like a good website to keep in touch with neighbors.  Check into it!

10.  Please recognize the efforts of our commons committee members:  Detlef Gartzke, George Schell, Rich Butalla, Kent Lovelace, Charles Williams, Charles Daniels, Scott Tinkham, Dave Holland and Joe Shandera.  We are always looking for additional volunteers!