Commons Report 2018

We want to recognize and THANK all of the homeowners that have contributed their time and effort to keeping the drainage way and commons free of debris, trash, etc. YOUR EFFORTS ARE APPRECIATED!! Please recognize the efforts of our commons committee members: Detlef Gartzke, Alex Lowell, Rich Butalla, Kent Lovelace, Charles Williams, Jim Stepanich, Scott Tinkham, Lon Pomajzl, Dave Holland and Joe Shandera. We are always looking for additional volunteers!

Garage sales were held on the weekend of May 17 – 19. THANK YOU and JOB WELL DONE goes to Vicki Stepanich who coordinated these sales in the neighborhood. Corresponding dates for 2019 are May 16, 17 & 18.

Gana Excavating completed the repair of four areas in the commons drainage system. Area 1 – North pond touch up at South inlet; Area 2 – Outlet at Shirl Drive; Area 3 – South pond pipe; Area 4 – Remove and replace end of concrete flow liner on east side of north pond. Work was started in December and completed in March.

Acme Tree Service completed the removal of two dead/dying trees as well as the trimming of some branches broken in storms and raising the canopy of others. Christensen Tree Service had the low bid to remove a large White Pine by the North pond. Acme Tree Service had the low bid to remove a tree that had split and a large portion was broken off in one of our spring storms located in the far south commons.
Even with all this work, there were several trees that needed to have their canopy raised to facilitate mowing as well as some volunteer trees that needed to be removed. Jim Stepanich was the Lead Tree Technician using his chain saw and Gator with trailer. Kent Lovelace and Joe Shandera assisted moving the branches. A big THANK YOU for the work accomplished. Also, a shout out and THANK YOU to WILL REFUSE & RECYCLING. They picked up our piles of branches at NO CHARGE!
While on the subject of trees – neighbors should be aware that several of the willow tree branches in the commons south of Shirl Dr. may look healthy and strong, but in fact, they may be hollow on the inside. We would suggest that your kids and grandkids not be allowed to climb on these branches. SAFETY FIRST!

Grasshopper Lawn Care Company is again providing services in the 2nd year of a two-year contract. We have received several calls concerning missed areas. They have experienced several issues with staff turnover and equipment breakdowns. Bids have been solicited from 10 different companies for mowing, fertilizing and weed control for next year. One6 Lawn Service has been contracted for care of the commons beginning in the spring of 2019.

In late summer of 2017, the fountain in the north pond quit working. When the fountain was pulled from the pond, it was determined that the motor had taken in a large quantity of nylon fishing string, which resulted in the motor locking up. The board approved replacing this fountain with a 3/4HP Display Aerator and light kit from Discount Pumps. Some interesting features of this fountain: 5 yr. warranty, 230v, water is moved by a propeller, and it does not have to be removed in the winter. Total cost for Display Aerator, Light kit, installation and electrical work was $2962.09. FOR SALE: ALPINE 100 Watt MULTI-LIGHT TRANSFORMER with photocell and timer sold on Amazon for 49.99. This was a part of the light kit but wasn’t needed.

Nextdoor website ( looks like a good website to keep in touch with neighbors. Check into it! The Edenton North website is:


The Edenton North commons is generally considered a flood control area. Since the beginning of the Edenton North Homeowners association, the commons committee has worked to enhance its’ value to Edenton North homeowners. Users of the commons area should always respect the property and privacy of neighbors.

We salute the many homeowners who have already spent much time and effort making the commons behind them a beautiful area. We encourage all property owners to assist with keeping the commons area free of trash and debris. Any work that individuals do toward making the commons a nicer area will be appreciated by the entire association.

The following are some general guidelines for the Edenton North Commons:

(Revised, June, 2017)