Commons Report 2020


Since our last report dated July, 2019, the Edenton North Commons Committee has lost the services of two active members.  We were saddened by the passing of Lon Pomaizl in January, 2020.  Dave Holland, who had served Edenton North Home Owners Association in many capacities since its inception, moved to Iowa in May of 2020.  The Association is fortunate to have the dedicated services of Kent Lovelace, Charles Williams, Detlef Gartzke, Jim Stepanich and Joe Shandera.  We also appreciate all homeowners who help in any way to keep the commons free of debris, trash, etc.  THANK YOU FOR KEEPING OUR NEIGHBORHOOD BEAUTIFUL!  Our committee could certainly use more volunteers.  Please let us know that you are interested and we will make sure to include you.


Our major work has involved TREES!  Last fall, we worked with Lincoln Tree Service to remove some branches that were encroaching near a home on Shirl Ct.   


In preparation for the mowing season, a crew of Joe, Taylor and Nicki Schlegelmilch, Jim Stepanich, Kent Lovelace, Charles Williams and Joe Shandera spent a March morning picking up and cutting up fallen tree branches from the winter storms.  Fortunately, Nicki was able to arrange for her father to bring his trailer to haul our “pile.



Late May and early June storms have also required the removal of several garbage cans and yard waste bags full of debris.  Upon the recommendation of the Commons Committee, the Board recently approved a bid from Christiansen Tree Service to trim and/or remove some Cottonwood and Willow trees in the Commons.


Another issue we dealt with this spring was the separation of a street culvert into the South Pond from 75thstreet.  While in the process of getting bids to make repairs, Dave Holland remembered that the City had fixed a similar issue soon after the Association was formed.  The city was contacted, agreed that they were responsible and repaired the culvert.


One6 Lawn Service is in the 2nd year of a 3-year contract for mowing, fertilizing and weed control of the commons.  Nebraska Lake Management is in the 2nd year of a 3-year contract for pond maintenance.


Vicki Stepanich continues to coordinate the neighborhood garage sales.  Due to County Health guidelines, the May sales were cancelled and have been rescheduled to July 9, 10 and 11THANK YOU VICKI !!


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